What Can I Say

by Sam Black

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This song was originally written for an assignment I had in a music media technology class where I was to write and record a song. This is a re-recording of that song.


What do you do when your hard work leaves you there with nothing
What comes first when you're always in second place
Rain, rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
I know those dark clouds aren't here to stay

Everybody thinks that they know the answers and the questions
Everybody wants you to see their point of view
Once you set your mind free
And discover who you have to be
Nothing they will say can bring you down you'll see

Because the truth don't mean a thing
Soul is everything
Find a new song to sing
Life will pass you by if you stop and cry
Go and find the reason why
If you think my words are cliché
What else is there for me to say
You can leave your past behind and walk away

If you leave this town remember everyone who's gonna miss ya
Don't lose your voice in a crowd singing out of key
If you think you're ready to fly
Then I guess you might as well try
But don't expect every day to be a clear blue sky

Think of this when the green leaves fade out into yellow
The winds of change only blow when you're unprepared
And you'll just never know
The high times and the low
If you miss your chance so you might as well give it a go



released 30 September 2014



all rights reserved


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Sam Black Minnesota

Hello, I'm Sam Black!
I could go on for hours and hours about why I became a musician, but I'll just give you the short answer: I love music. I really, really, really love music. I can't see myself doing anything else with my life other than music. If you like my songs that's just a fantastic bonus.
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