Ear Drum Roll

by Sam Black

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This is my debut solo album. I worked pretty hard on it to make it the best it could be. From my heart to your ears.


released May 2, 2013

All instruments and vocals by Sam Black
Guitar solo on Whisper In My Ear played by Sam Kurschner (the other Sam)



all rights reserved


Sam Black Minnesota

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Track Name: Chapter 1
Sitting in the basement
Tuning up my heart strings
Waiting for the day I’ll fly away

I’m writing the story
But I haven’t got a plot yet
But every step I take brings a new verse

I’m living in a shoe box
The breathing holes are covered
Baby you’re the one wearing the shoes

The Beatles gave me passion
Bob Dylan gave me power
And you my darling gave me my worried mind

When I entered high school
Knew I had to be a rock star
But I was born far too late for that

They say that I’m an old soul
But I’m always looking forward
Because closed minds never open doors

And here’s to all my best friends
And all my fellow strummers
You shape my world every single day

You’re laughing at my lyrics
My sloppy stupid lyrics
Believe me I mean every single word

Show me your index finger
Now show me your pinky
Come with me we’ll rock the night away!
Track Name: I Sing Your Praise
Now hear this my favorite lady
I gotta thank you ma'am
You made my life so grand
You taught me more than a lesson
I sing your praise

Once I was so down
I was an angry man
Lived in a thunder cloud
Then you came down from Heaven
I sing your praise

I will never forget you
Even as the years will pass through
The sun shines just for you
I sing your praise

You work hard every day
Just to see us smile
You give your heart and soul
You really changed my view
I sing your praise

Learning from you
I know you really care
And you make me care
I'll carry it with me forever
I sing your praise

You gave me a new voice
Now I know I have a choice
I'll always remember the days
I sing your praise
Track Name: The Next Time You See Me
So you thought you could treat me like a fool
So you thought you were above the rules
But you know what they say
There’s hell to be paid
So the next time you see me you’d better run

Well you must think that I’m truly blind
And that I can be nothing but kind
But I know what you did
Though you try to keep it hid
Now the next time you see me you’d better run

You know I hardly ever call people names
But knowing that I’ve even touched you brings me shame (sometimes)
Now you wanna come back as a friend
No I won’t fall for that again
And the next time you see me you’d better run

You say having little connections gives you rights
And being indirect stops the fights
Well you’re too young to let go
But you’re old enough to know
So the next time you see me you’d better run
Track Name: This Song's For You (Whether You Like It Or Not)
It’s been a year
Or more
Since I last saw you
And crying
More tears
Won’t bring you back

And as time runs away
I wonder if you even know my name

But this song’s for you
Whether you like it or not
I wrote it for you

You’re in the lights
In the city
Where life ignites
I’d be there
With you
If I could break my leash

I know I’m not that cool
But I hope you still own that piece of my heart


Please come back
Get in your car
Drive down those busy streets
Let me see you
Tell you how I feel
If only for just one day

Our chance for love is long away
So even if I’m nothing but a friend

Track Name: I'll Be The Lady Tonight
Take me to the movies
Take me to the drive in
Treat me like a princess my love

Pick me up at seven
Hold the door for me
I’ll be the lady tonight

Ahhh… lady tonight!

Put on those tight pants
Let that long red hair down
Put on that dark lipstick I like

I’ll dress to impress
But you’ll do the rest
I’ll be the lady tonight

Ahhh… lady tonight!

Oh darling
You’re just the tops
You’re the prettiest girl I know
You give me nothing… short of the best!

But I have to say
Traditional roles
Can get so boring
So let me be the lady tonight

Ahhh… lady tonight!
Track Name: Hiding In The Closet
Hiding in the closet I got nothing to do
Hiding in the closet and I’m thinking of you

Does anybody listen do they hear me at all?
Am I a crazy idiot singing to the wall?

Hiding in the closet from the people in white
But even if they find me I won’t start a fight

(At that very moment the door swings open!)
Track Name: Carrie Me Back
Carrie me back
Back to the days that I knew then
Carrie me back
Take my weary heart back home again

My love is special
My love is unique
Blue, brown, green eyes
Blonde, red, black hair

My love is vibrant
She shines like a dime
I would describe her looks for hours
If I only had the time


Her face is a painting
Painted just how I like
She’s independent
Just like she should be

Her embrace is gentle
And strong as steel
Just like the love
For her that I feel


My love is perfect
Sweet as a honey tree
There’ll never be another
This I know for sure

I’ll give my love to her
Someday that’s what I’ll do
And when we finally meet each other
I know she’ll feel it too

Track Name: Whisper In My Ear
Take my number and don’t forget my name
You say “maybe” (come on honey!)
Don’t be shy

Well “maybe” is an answer
That sounds more like a question
Tell me dear

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!
Whisper in my ear

Tell me sweet things
Give me something to remember you by
Hold my hand girl take a walk with me
Then we’ll kiss goodbye

That’s all I’m asking of you
Now I just need an answer
Tell me dear


Just a simple question
Yes or no
Come on come on honey
I need you so


Just a simple question
Yes or no
Come on come on honey
I need you so

Take my number and don’t forget my name
You say “maybe”
Don’t be shy

Well “maybe” is an answer
That sounds more like a question
Tell me dear

Track Name: To Boddah
Life’s not easy
Makes you queasy
Right down to your nauseous gut
But I wish you’d stayed
Just one more day
And let us show you it ain’t a rut

Now you’re gone
Life still goes on
But it’s not quite the same
The heart shaped box
Had too many locks
But we never forgot your name

It was a case of Ziggy Stardust
That made you feel alone
Attention only led to sadness
So far away upon your throne
It’s a sad and famous story
A tragic rock star cliché
Oh God how I wish it wasn’t
Oh I wish you were here today

Fame can break you
Overtake you
Bring your quiet life to a halt
You were convinced
In all innocence
That everything was your fault

Goodbye blue eyes
Hello soft sighs
And now the energy’s gone
But all along
We’ve had your songs
To keep your light shining on

Track Name: Purple Dawn
The purple moon will be out soon
And we will marvel at the sky
Electric dawn out on the lawn
Reflected in your stargazing eyes

Before night falls and darkness calls
And claims the fortress of the stars
Let’s shed a tear for passing years
And look back at our lives so far

What’s the scene jelly bean?
Do you know what I mean?
Stick with me tonight
Stick with me tonight
And I’ll stick with you

I talk to you I feel it too
I never thought I’d say goodbye
I thought today I’d have my way
If I’m crazy at least I know why

When sun is here you disappear
And I wake up to dreary rain
Now I regret that we ever met
I could have lived without this pain


Hurt can never last forever
Though it sticks around so damn long
I’ll be alright just leave me here tonight

What’s the scene jelly bean?
Do you know what I mean?
I stayed with you all night
You left me come sunlight
Oh where are you purple moon?
Track Name: She Wants Daffodils At Her Funeral
She wants daffodils at her funeral
She don't want no one to cry
She don't want her friends to think it's come to an end
On the day she dies

We talked all night
She gave my life new light
She made me count my blessings twice
She opened my eyes
She almost made me cry
And this is what she said to me


I wish with all my might
I could relive that night
When hope felt so tangible
Three angels on their way
Living day by day
One raises her voice and says

Track Name: Step Family
You told me I would miss you when you're gone
And you were right, you were right, you were right
But you told me I would see you another day
So I'll wait, so I'll wait, so I'll wait

You know we've spent such lovely days together
And now I've changed my ways forever
Oh my friends it's all because of you
You took me just the way I was
And now I'm shedding tears because
I just want you to know I'll always be

Please remember me as a friend
As a brother to the end
Always remember our wild ride
When we laughed so much we almost cried
Remember me for who I am
Remember me for who I am

I see red bones I see blue bones and tambourines
In my dreams, in my dreams, in my dreams
I saw your reflection in a song
For days, for days, for days

We really couldn't have been much stranger
Without getting in to serious danger
Just like a sunset train wreck you said
I've always marveled at your hair
And at the way you really care
I'm remembering every detail since you been gone


But now spring is here
And here comes yet another year
But I won't have no fear