Going Nowhere

by Sam Black

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I don't mind if I'm going nowhere
As long as I can get there my own way


released December 9, 2014

All songs written and performed by Sam Black



all rights reserved


Sam Black Minnesota

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Track Name: We Are The Light
We are the light
We’re burning day and night
We are the light
Shine it out and show me the way

Like a flowing river
Or a bird in flight
There’s a movement building
You can see the light

Shimmering in the sunshine
Take me for a ride
Every day it’s closer
Feel it from inside


Too many people
Waiting for a sign
Riding on their shooting stars
Searching for cloud nine

Lower than the heavens
Higher than the clouds
Like a jilted choir
Come and join the crowd

Track Name: Beyond The Past Sweetly (It's Fine)
You’re sweet
And you’re beautiful
You remind me of the sea
You’re exactly what I need right now
In safe security and how
Can I explain if you can’t feel my mind?

But you seem to know my smile
And I know it’s all worthwhile
When I turn around and say

This pain’s come in for the second time
But it won’t be here to stay
They’ll start a war in my peace of mind
But it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine
In time, it’s fine, it’s fine

I don’t need
Love in every form
I just need you to stick around

I’ve been brought up, I’ve been kicked down
I’ve been all around this town
But you make me believe what’s in my hands

But real emotions make us shy
I could never tell you why
We’ve just been brought up this way

Track Name: Nostalgia Train
You’re never too young to have a broken heart
You’re never too old to cry
You’re not alone if life’s way too fast
Take my hand and we can fly

Did your girlfriend leave your heart in two?
Are you mopping up bathroom floors?
Do you miss the life that you used to live?
Well just open up our door!

All aboard the nostalgia train
We’ll steer through the storm clouds
The tears and the rain
All aboard the nostalgia train
We’ll bring you back home again
So leave behind your pain!

Do you sing along to all the saddest songs
When you just need to let go?
That fake smile cuts your lips
And it begins to show

The photo albums make you cry
At your parents’ new-born son
Life was so much better in the photographs
‘Cause you’re smiling in every one


Hurry up and buy your tickets now
It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip
Straight down memory lane
And we’ll detour happier days
Come on, what are you waiting for?
Track Name: Wren Street
I spent my days running from
What I couldn’t see
Just thinking that consciousness
Meant nothing to me

All the love I gave to others
I’d never receive
But now I’ve turned another corner
It’s time that I leave

I never saw sunny skies
Without any rain
I’d never admit that I
Was partly insane

There’s no one quite exactly like you
Oh, what a relief
If you’re gonna break my heart now
Please make it brief

Oh my my
Well it’s like you want me to try
Get me the hell out of Wren Street
And back to the start

Rows of fake plastic hearts
Long to be real
But nothing as false as that
Could show just how I feel

I feel like I’m losing something
That never was mine
I thought I might lose my mind now
But everything’s fine

Because you just made me feel dumb
And maybe I am
But honey, you’re stupid too
Pardon me, ma’am

If you’ll answer just one more question
I’ll put it to rest
If you never gave a care about me
Then why’d you say yes?

Track Name: Air Conditioner (September)
I still recall the very first of September
How everything just seemed so right
A homemade band on the run

We raised some hell all the way through December
Our neighbors knew us all too well
Catching stars in the night

And I can feel a chill inside
The AC hums so loud I blew my mind

I fell in love once or twice I remember
Who knows if it was real or fake
But who keeps score anyway?

Never heard a single word from the teacher
I learned my lessons through mistakes
Living life day by day

But now I just see joy, not pain
From all the years that I want again

Years roll by and still I think of September
People change and friends are lost
As we live out our days

I light the torch, I see the flickering ember
Placed next to the photograph
From days we won’t soon forget

And I see the leaves blow by
And I know that some things can never die
Track Name: Grace
They’re putting all emotions in a pill
Time to revoke their license to kill
I was ten when I joined my first band
Get a life, Chris, tell them where you stand

And Valerie says god is in the rain but I don’t know
What on earth I’m trying to live for

He was dead before he hit the ground
Shot down before he could make a sound
Do you hear the people sing outside?
With a strength three hundred men can’t hide

And Valerie says god is in the rain but I don’t know
How I can get back to what I love

You, I won’t forget
You, I won’t forget
You, I won’t forget no matter how long I’ve been lost

And Valerie says god is in the rain but I don’t know
What on earth I’m trying to live for

Track Name: See Me Fall
Time is gone
It slips away
Your eyes have turned
From brown to gray

Here I am
But where are you?
Either way
I always lose

You can pretend to try but
I know that you never felt a thing

I can’t sleep
I can’t forget
The way I felt
When we first met

I let go
And I hold on
Will you remember
Me when I’m gone?

I know you’ll find someone whose
Right for you but what’s so wrong with me?

You just kick me down to see me fall
I gave you all my love and you drained it all
I’ll care for myself, yeah I’ll be okay
Don’t try to call my name I’m just on my way

This dream of you
Is getting old
Your soothing touch
Has grown so cold

I tried so hard
Just to believe
You’d send a kiss
Before you leave

You don’t love me and that’s okay but
Why would you just hold on for so long?


So be on your way
You’ve caused enough pain here today
I don’t need to see your face no more

Track Name: What Can I Say
What do you do when your hard work leaves you there with nothing?
What comes first when you're always in second place?
Rain, rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
I know those dark clouds aren't here to stay

Everybody thinks that they know the answers and the questions
Everybody wants you to see their point of view
Once you set your mind free
And discover who you have to be
Nothing they will say can bring you down you'll see

Because the truth don't mean a thing
Soul is everything
Find a new song to sing
Life will pass you by if you stop and cry
Go and find the reason why
If you think my words are cliché
What else is there for me to say
You can leave your past behind and walk away

If you leave this town remember everyone who's gonna miss ya
Don't lose your voice in a crowd singing out of key
If you think you're ready to fly
Then I guess you might as well try
But don't expect every day to be a clear blue sky

Think of this when the green leaves fade out into yellow
The winds of change only blow when you're unprepared
And you'll just never know
The high times and the low
If you miss your chance so you might as well give it a go

Track Name: Yes Sir
Your girl is weeping at the top of the stairs
Jumped out the window so I think you should care
Looks like she's landed in the arms of a man
You better check it out as fast as you can

Yes sir, thinking of a better way to answer
The butler's at the cleaners with your pants, sir
Think you better take another chance, sir
Think I saw her talking to the dancer
I tried to call her but she didn't answer
He must have been a mighty fine romancer
Think you better let her take a chance sir
Yes sir

She's wearing nothing but a puff of perfume
She kept the door shut with the housekeeper's broom
Her cousin's calling now to pick up her things
Guess it's not over till the fat lady sings


Some girls are crazy, man, but your girl's insane
But you know what they say about no pain no gain
Looks like you lost her, hey, but don't be so sad
The man she's loving is a husband and dad

Track Name: Floating On Air
Sitting alone in the backseat
Maybe I should hail a taxi
Maybe I should find my own way home

Time for me to stop relying
On people who don’t understand me
Time for me to crash in my own car

I always try to see the bright side
Sometimes I hide behind my shadow
I won’t cut again I promise you

Sometimes my mind runs without me
And I can’t follow where it’s going
But maybe it’s best that I stay right here

You’re running from a future that you don’t even know
Put away the needle and get on with the show
Can you feel it honey?
You’ve been waiting for this

Drifting along by the side of the road
Who says you have to carry this heavy load?
Take a deep breath baby
Look at the world around you

Floating on air
There’s nobody there
Maybe I’m back at home at last
Floating on air
Does anyone care?
Maybe I’m back at home at last
Track Name: The Rhythm In My Soul
Give me a shot of the blues
A dose of rock n roll
When the rhythm in my soul starts shaking
I can’t get enough

Remember when I told you, brother
Life wouldn’t be exactly what you had planned?
Well now that you’re older, brother
Do you know what you’re gonna stand for?

“Well I’ve been spending all my days searching
For a moment that was gonna come and change my life
But I found out after all this time
That it happened the day I was born”


When I hear that guitar strumming
I’m taken away
And that’s the moment I know
Everything is gonna be okay


They gave me all the notes I needed
Now I just need to learn how to play them
And I gotta do it my own style
I gotta march to my own drum

And I say
La la la la
La la la la
I can’t get enough
Track Name: Walk On
A pointless daydream
Slips into my
Head-first into tomorrow
Where all my troubles
Wait until the sun goes
I’ll help you out tonight

You say “God, kill me now”
Is that really what you want?
Life is a battle
But it’s all you got

Walk on
Go where you need to go
Learn what you need to know
From what you taught yourself
Walk on
Bury your sorrow in the ground
Don’t turn the car around
Let your future glow

Four ‘o clock in the morning
You can’t control your
Thoughts that have you crying
When you can’t get to
Sleep my little darling
Rest your worried mind

You hide yourself away
Don’t wanna face another day
Don’t be so selfish
‘Cause we love you so